Top 4 Brain Games of 2020 to Sharpen Your Mind

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Brain games are very useful for people who want to improve their mental health. Playing such games will prevent your brain from ageing and also from mental diseases like Alzheimer’s. Apart from this, brain games can also improve your logic skills, reflexes, and memory. These games can be played by both adults as well as kids. 

Best Game for the Brain

As people are starting to understand its importance, more and more people are getting involved in playing brain games. So, here are some brain games that will surely help you sharpen your mind.

1. Lumosity

One of the best free brain games is Lumosity. You can customize it with numerous interactive puzzle games. This will help your brain to develop skills for solving problems. Lumosity provides challenges that will help you to flex your mental muscle. If you play it for 10 minutes every day, you will see that you are able to focus more than before. 

Lumosity gives you tips for improving your strategy, accuracy, and speed. You can also develop your computation skills. Additionally, you can also broaden your vocabulary and develop your reading skills. 

Lumosity is filled with numerous brain activities that you can choose from. It also has small games that you can complete within a very short period of time and hence saving your time. This is also one of the best brain games for kids.

2. Sudoku

This is the most popular game for the brain. Sudoku is also called the number placement game. This is a very old game and basically originated through the newspapers. Now, it can also be found on Android as well as iOS devices and is part of free brain games. 

If you are weak in dealing with numbers, then you should definitely play Sudoku. You may think that it requires doing calculations to play this game, but it is not at all that. Rather, you will find out that all you need is some basic or general logic to continue. It is available in many levels of difficulty. You can start with the ones with normal difficulty. Once you are comfortable with it, you can gradually move to a higher difficulty. It can be brain games for kids.

You can either download a sudoku app or play online. There are many free apps available that you can download. In that way, you will not need an internet connection once you have downloaded it. Or, you can also play it in the old traditional way, that is, on paper using a pen.

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3. BrainHQ

This app was introduced by Posit science. They have done thirty years of research on elevating the science behind the plasticity of the brain. This app was the result of their research. They wanted to help the people in developing their brain cells. 

In this app, you will get 29 different types of brain games. As you progress, in each of these games, the difficulty level will increase. It is indeed one amongst the fun brain games.

By playing these games, you will be able to increase your navigation skill, attention, accuracy, speed, memory, etc. You can also personalize the app according to your field of interest. Also, your previous scores are all recorded and you can compare them with your current score to know your improvement. It is advised that to enhance brain fitness, you must spend at least 5 minutes with this app. 

4. NeuroNation

If your memory is weaker, then you must try NeuroNation. This app has got a health prize from the German Federal Ministry of Health. To see improvement, you just have to spend 15 minutes every day performing all the brain exercises. Eventually, you will see that your memory is getting stronger with each passing day. 

Additionally, you will also see a reduction in your stress level, and your depression will also get sorted. You will also be able to concentrate more and think faster. Another benefit of this app is that it provides an elaborate study of your potentials and will plan the training accordingly. 

This app provides 27 types of exercises and each of them has 250 levels. This is among the fun brain games out there and you will not feel bored while playing it. 

Final Thoughts…

The brain is a major part of our body that controls all the other organs. If it does not get proper exercise, it can get damaged with age. To prevent this from happening, the brain games were introduced. 

They provide our brain with the proper amount of exercise it needs to stay healthy. It can also make your brain sharper and faster than any other young brain if you start using the games from an earlier age. So, play free brain games and become smarter. 


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