4 Best Puzzle Games You Can Play in 2020

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Based on expert opinion, games help in the growth and development of our brain. Among all the genres of games out there, puzzle games are the most effective in enhancing and triggering our mental capacity. 

Our brain always searches for patterns in the world. And, puzzle games are the ones that truly require a patterning activity. Patterning will help you to become better in logical skills, maths, and reading. 

You can get many puzzle games in the market ranging from old to new ones such as hero wars puzzles. However, if you are looking for the best ones, then here are some suggestions that you will definitely like.

Top-Rated Best Puzzle Games

Thus, here we are about to discuss are some of the best puzzle games you can try across various platforms. These are challenging and they will definitely put your brain to work.

1. Portal 2

This game came out in 2011 and is one of the best puzzle games since then. Here, you will play as Chell, a robot, in a first-person perspective single-player campaign. This also has a co-op mode, which means that you can enjoy it along with your friends as well. You will solve complex and simple puzzles by using cubes, portals, and other mechanics.

This game has stunning attention to details and makes it a worthy successor to Portal. In each of the test chambers, you will solve many spatial reasoning puzzles. You will have the portal gun from the first game. This gun shoots two portals that are linked. It will help you to move around a test chamber. At the beginning of the game, you will find the environment to be more claustrophobic. But, as the game progresses, it will change into deep underground chasms.  

Portal 2 is way better than Portal and if you have played Portal, then you will definitely love this one. This game is available on PC, Mac OS, Xbox 360, Playstation3, and Linux.

2. Baba is You

This game came out on 13 March 2019. It was developed by Arvi Teikari. All the video games have their set of rules. However, in this game, you can solve the given puzzle by changing the given rule itself. It may sound very complicated, but it is not. 

Each level of this game is a 2D space. Here, you can see various characters and objects. And, for each of these levels, there are some rules written over the screen. So, in order to solve this puzzle, you have to rearrange these words and make a new rule. This is very challenging and interesting at the same time. You can get this game on PC, Mac, and Nintendo Switch.

3.  Heaven’s Vault Next Level Puzzle Games

It was released on 16 April 2019 by Inkle. This is a puzzle game based on archaeological science-fiction adventure. So, here you play as Aliya, an archaeologist. You have to unravel the meaning of ancient hieroglyphs. These are the lost languages of some ancient civilization. These hieroglyphs can be found on the handle of an old dagger, on an effigy, or on the top of a rock. 

After discovering these hieroglyphs, you will be provided with a bunch of words. Using these words, you have to decipher the hieroglyphs. By deciphering each of these messages, you will slowly know about the history of the cosmos. This is a good blend of archaeology and puzzle. Heaven’s Vault is available on PC, Nintendo Switch, and PS 4. 

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4. Aquavias another Puzzle Games

If you are looking for free puzzle games, then this is the one you should definitely try, Best Puzzle Games Android The main objective of this game is to send water into cities. This water is transferred by fragmented elevated aqueducts. Each of these fragments can be a quarter circle or a line. These fragments can be rotated individually and then arrange them in a way that the water can flow smoothly to the city. 

Now, each of these pieces can be rotated clockwise at a 90 degree. Based on what level you are in, you will either have a reservoir that is draining rapidly or a limited number of moves for the pieces. 

The difficulty of the game will increase as the game progresses. However, the pleasing soundtrack and visual will not let you lose interest. This is among the best puzzle games Android offers and liked for being one among the free puzzle games. 

Summing Up…

One of the best ways to improve the connection between your brain cells is to play puzzle games. All the above-discussed puzzle games are the best in their genre. You will not be disappointed by playing these games. They provide ample challenges and excitement to keep you hooked to the game. So, start playing and keep enjoying the games.     


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